Output from API does not match documentation

The documentation, API Definition, and example response clearly state that the mobile coverage indicator should be a letter showing Clear/Red/Amber/Green status When I call the API either from the "Try It" section of the website, or from my own code, it returns an integer in the range of 0 - 4 Given that CRAG evaluates to an array length of 3 as cardinality starts from zero, what does "4" mean in this context?


    Are there any updates to this? I'm seeing the same problem. I can't make any sense of the integer values returned, nor can I reconcile to the results found at: https://checker.ofcom.org.uk/mobile-coverage
    Posted by Hidden Sat, 20 Feb 2021 19:34:22 GMT
    Same here. The results from the API endpoint are inconsistent with what's returned from https://checker.ofcom.org.uk/mobile-coverage. Can the documentation be updated please?
    Posted by Hidden Thu, 25 Mar 2021 17:57:26 GMT

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