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    Having recieved a set of responses back for the Mobile Coverage I noticed that the DataOutdoorNo4g for all of the carriers only reported a 0 or 3, even when DataIndoorNo4g could be reporting a 4. This seems a little strange implying the DataOutdoorNo4g data is not so trust worthy. Example Post Codes are BS353QH, BL97BR, IP333AA, PR22YP.

    Status: Proposed | Reported by Hidden Fri, 25 Jun 2021 07:58:08 GMT
  • Unable to connect via C#

    Hi, I'm recieving an "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" error when using your C# example with the Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key changed and postcode set. Can you see where I'm going wrong?

    Status: Proposed | Reported by Hidden Thu, 20 May 2021 12:31:07 GMT
  • Internal server error when accessing Broadband API through Python script

    I have been attempting to make a request to the API and parse the return via a Python script, via two different methods. Both return a 500: Internal Server Error with no further information, except an activityId and I don't have a clue what that refers to. Any help on what I'm doing wrong would be greatly appreciated - code excerpt below, minus actual key headers = { # Request headers 'Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key': 'key', } postcode = 'MK158AN' response = requests.get('{}%7D'.format(postcode), headers=headers) print(response.json()) Thanks in advance

    Status: Proposed | Reported by Hidden Wed, 31 Mar 2021 08:22:10 GMT
  • Data looks wrong

    A request for CT31LP brings back a record for "Second Floor Flat, 290, London Road" however, it should actually be under CT170SY (along with the 3 other flats) - unless that flat has decided that it prefers the countryside to Dover ...

    Status: Proposed | Reported by Hidden Tue, 02 Mar 2021 13:05:02 GMT
  • Request for API not being actioned

    I have requested basic mobile coverage API. The request is showing on my Profile but has remained as "requested" for several weeks

    Status: Proposed | Reported by Hidden Mon, 22 Feb 2021 10:31:47 GMT
  • Errors returned with double quotes

    When an error is returned it is coming back like this {   "PostCode": "gfghf",   "Error": "Post code not found" } As the PostCode and Error are object property - it should return without double quotes. It is in double quotes, so in javascript we can't get the exact property value. Is it possible for it to provide a return error like this {   PostCode: "gfghf",   Error: "Post code not found" }

    Status: Proposed | Reported by Hidden Mon, 01 Feb 2021 17:17:33 GMT
  • Output from API does not match documentation

    The documentation, API Definition, and example response clearly state that the mobile coverage indicator should be a letter showing Clear/Red/Amber/Green status When I call the API either from the "Try It" section of the website, or from my own code, it returns an integer in the range of 0 - 4 Given that CRAG evaluates to an array length of 3 as cardinality starts from zero, what does "4" mean in this context?

    Status: Proposed | Reported by Hidden Thu, 17 Sep 2020 07:00:08 GMT
  • API results differ from Ofcom website

    Take postcode EX2 8TS. On the broadband availability checker: When viewed here, speficially 11 Chudleigh Road, the ultrafast speeds at 500Mbps down and 35Mbps up. When checked against the API (with postcode EX28TS) the UPRN for this address is 100040207416. MaxUfbbPredictedDown is 350. MaxUfbbPredictedUp is 20. Does the OFCOM website use a differnt, more up to date, data source?

    Status: Proposed | Reported by Hidden Mon, 24 Feb 2020 13:05:55 GMT
  • Is CORS enabled on the server? Access is blocked on localhost (using JavaScript fetch)

    Hi there, here's the full error: Access to fetch at '{postcode}' from origin 'http://localhost:3000' has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: It does not have HTTP ok status. The API works great on external testing tools (e.g. Postman), and I'm including the required subscription key in the request headers. Just doesn't work in my browser. Thanks for any help!

    Status: Proposed | Reported by Hidden Fri, 29 Nov 2019 12:55:10 GMT
  • API does not seem to be working

    When i test from here: the result is: Response content Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2019 14:02:41 GMT Content-Length: 63 Content-Type: application/json { "PostCode": "nn32ny", "Error": "Post code not found" }

    Status: Proposed | Reported by Hidden Wed, 10 Apr 2019 14:04:04 GMT

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